Aquabot Sprayer Bottle Top, Makes Your Water Bottle Spray 25 Feet and is a Mister too!

Categories: Gadgets

If you spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, then you know any item that has multiple uses is extremely handy. Activities such as backpacking, camping, and hiking all require a lot of gear and not much space to put it, and having water on hand is always the top priority. The multiple uses of the Aquabot are what make this water bottle so unique and a must-have for anyone who takes water on the go.

Aquabot turns an ordinary water bottle into a spray water bottle with a hose, mister, and shower all in one. It’s ideal for camping or hiking, and great to have around the house or just about anywhere else, too.

Aquabot provides three types of spray — mist, jet, and shower. Each setting has a bunch of uses, both practical and fun. Use the mist to cool off at the beach or during a workout.