The Beach Umbrella That You Don't Need A Degree To Open...

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CoolCabanas are light and easy for one person to setup and takedown. The shade provided is square so it's all usable and 2x the size of a beach umbrella's. CoolCabanas are designed to not blow away.

Simpler, Smarter, Better, Faster.

SIMPLER : With just 1 center pole you'll be amazed how fast and easy CoolCabanas are to setup and packup alone.

SMARTER : The ingenious sand pockets keep them anchored and their timeless good looks keep you cool for years to come.

BETTER : You'll have twice the shade of a beach umbrella and you can use them anywhere - on grass, sand or hard surfaces.

FASTER : The lightweight smart design folds down to just a mere 99x12x12cm (39x4x4") making them fast and easy to carry.



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