Bloom is an electric kettle that recycles steam for cooking, making it safe for kids to get involved

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Add this one to the list of product concepts that we wish would become real things. A “super kettle” called Bloom offers a smart and safe way for kids to get more involved in the kitchen. The invention, which scored its designer the top award in the Electrolux Design Lab this year, is an electric water kettle that makes the most of energy by reusing the steam generated from boiling water. Since the competition’s theme was “Healthy Happy Kids,” Bloom was created as a way to engage kids in food preparation without risk of getting burned on a hot stove or by scorching steam.


A traditional kettle spews steam up into the air, posing a burn hazard to young children and wasting precious energy and water vapor. Jordan Lee Martin, a product design student from the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom, saw an opportunity to capture what had previously been wasted. Martin designed Bloom with a lid to capture the steam so children can’t be burned by it. Then, the steam is redirected into three separate compartments around the base of the kettle. Using a mobile app, children can program the machine to cook food, purify air, or sterilize items.

Snagging Design Lab’s top honor won the inventor €10,000 ($11,200) and a six-month paid internship at the Electrolux Global Design Center. As for Bloom, there are no plans to put the concept into production, but that doesn’t mean the design won’t inspire future products that we might actually be able to purchase some day.

Via Gizmag / Images via Jordan Lee Martin / by Cat DIStasio / via Inhabitat


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