This Chair Warms You Up Just Like A Hot Water Bottle

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“Initially, the chair was developed for people with rheumatic [sic] problems, but the chair can be used by anyone who prefers to have her or his muscles warmed in winter,” wrote the designer. “Warmth therapy is one of the oldest health treatments and is very effective for low back aches.” While the chair is designed for winter use, it can also be used in summer when cold water is added to the pipes.

"The thought-provoking chair made a splash at the 2016 Milan Design Fair’s Dutch Design Pavilion held at Palazzo Turati. The chair’s hollow steel pipes, bent by hand, were welded together and powder coated for a clean white finish. When attached to a radiator, the chair fills up with hot water that heats the tubes to a comfortably warm temperature. Warm Me Up Scottie, or Scottie for short, can also be used both indoors and outdoors." Says  

Today we find a large volume of creativity pointed towards new technology as in computer innovation.  With the invention of forced air heating and cooling, homes became more consistent in temperature.  Older homes with radiant water heat to bring up the temperature are typically thought of as being warm in some spaces with cold corners here and there, and rightfully so.  Since Europe is filled with older homes, many built to last a long long.... long time, the transition from this older heating tech has been slow to change over.  In the United States, where the majority of current homes were built in the last 80 years, most of them have foregone this older tech, making way for forced heat and air everywhere.  In a similar fashion, we are seeing countries with lots of new construction embracing solar and wind power technologies, while countries with a surplus of homes on the market not so anxious to build anything at all.  This includes the advancement of energy technologies. 

However, it can be expected with the changing mind set toward renewables, the next big housing push will be filled with self-contained, self-powered neighborhoods that are equipped to handle their own utilities and services.  

~David Webster  4/28/16

Source: Inhabitat

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