Create Your Own Desk Electronics With Cardboard...Seriously!

Categories: Gadgets

Newfoldr is an open-source project aimed at reducing waste while giving you cleverly-designed – and customized – cardboard gadgets for your home. The project consists of desktop gadgets like a lamp, a fan and a Bluetooth or wired speaker that you can create yourself – Newfoldr supplies the electronics and you supply the used cardboard. Support the project to get your own custom devices and help reduce waste – everyone wins!

This is their story in their own words.

"We started off by thinking on how open source product design could help the world not only lowering, but in certain cases eliminating waste production. But in the meantime, we also liked to use all high-tech gadgets that our world has to offer. It became clear that whatever solution we come up with, it has to be just as comfortable and just as sexy as any other state-of-the-art alternative. We needed a material that is highly recyclable and allows anyone to take part in either designing or building great products. That’s how we ended up creating corrugated cardboard products and working on building up a community that shares our passion and also their designs."

"If you share our enthusiasm of directing economy towards a sustainable future, we invite you to join our community, take part in our campaign and spread the word!"

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