Electric Scooter: Comfort Of Segway With Fun Of A Scooter (Video)

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Buzz to class, the office, or around the neighborhood on an electric scooter that uses push and pull technology.

CityBug2 rides smoothly, like a Segway, but with all of the fun of a scooter. But because it’s electric (boogie woogie woogie) there are no emissions or noise as it moves up to 12 mph. It’s designed to be collapsible and lightweight, and at about 25 pounds, it’s easy to stow away — in a closet, under your desk, or
even in the trunk of your car between trips.
You control speed and braking with a push and pull on the handle bar. And if you want to make quick stops, there’s a foot brake. Once you get familiar with the motion, it’s a comfortable ride that can last for about 9-12 miles on a fully charged battery.

Before you hit the streets, be sure to check local laws to find out where you can ride it — and don’t forget to wear a helmet. Whether you’re getting across campus or town, this scooter makes the trip way more fun.

via TheGrommet

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