Amazing You Can Draw Your Own Circuits With ElectronInks Circuit Scribe.

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As a mom that Homeschools her children, this product just seems like such a great idea and a perfect addition to our science project resources. The ability to draw your circuit and watch it light itself.

Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that writes with non-toxic conductive silver ink. It makes creating circuits as easy as doodling.

We've created a non-toxic, silver conductive ink pen and a number of interactive modules. Our kits range from beginner to advanced and are suitable for individual or classroom use

No shaking, no squeezing, no goop, no smell, no waiting for ink to dry. Circuit Scribe draws smooth lines with conductive silver ink and allows you to create functioning circuits instantly. 

  • Non-toxic silver ink dries instantly on most surfaces
  • Resistance is 0.05-0.2ohms/sq/mil (2-10ohms per cm of writing)
  • Eliminates the need for wires, draw instead!

via ElectronInks

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