This Is The World’s First Electric Jet Body Board!

Categories: Gadgets

What happens when you combine a jet ski with a boogie board? You get Kymera, the world’s first electric body board. These sleek machines measure 81 x 32 x 12” and weigh just 48 pounds, so they are easy to transport to your favorite body of water.

Jet skis, on the other hand, can weigh 1500 pounds and cost thousands of dollars, plus you’ll need a trailer and gasoline to get it out to the water. Kymera can zip along at 20 mph, which feels exceedingly fast when you’re that close to the surface of the water, and the onboard battery can keep the Kymera going for about 2 hours of fun in the sun.

The designer also plans to incorporate a radio-controlled transmitter into the board that would allow a parent or rental operator to control a ride for a child.The price is $4,995.00 and includes a 12-month warranty on the board and battery.

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