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Risks and challenges

We have set out to become the pre-eminent provider of portable total body workout equipment + programs designed for use by any individual, at any strength level capacity, anywhere they want.

In order for us to reach this goal it requires an extreme amount of dedication to manufacturing the best product possible. But, we also need to make sure we provide programs so users have a choice whether or not to have service with us as well. With that comes the will to be an open book to our customers (BodyBossers). We don't want to just be a product that sells a product and stops there. We want to help people succeed. We want to make working out CONVENIENT, LIFELONG, and AVAILABLE TO ALL.

We are fortunate to have successfully funded and fulfilled our first Kickstarter campaign for product 1.0. And been on the market without kickstarter for an extended period of time, until we sold out of our inventory. That campaign + being on the market taught us crucial elements that will help us for this campaign:

1. Our first campaign taught us a tremendous amount about manufacturing, product assembly, packaging and logistics. We were not only able to establish a deep relationship with our manufacturer (have talked with them pretty much everyday for the past year - despite holidays) but we were also able to establish a relationship with a warehouse + logistics company who houses and has volunteered to help us. By us being successful, they will be successful. They even offered to let us sleep upstairs in their offices. Great people!

2. Our first Kickstarter Campaign taught us how important it is to value transparency with the Kickstarter community. In the first campaign, Ross was the only one handling communication. Since then we have added 5 others who are apart of the team to make sure we communicate as quickly and as transparent as possible. We promise to operate with full transparency and communicate as frequently as possible during this campaign through fulfillment.

3. After our first campaign we were constantly focused on getting into retail that we lost focus on our core business and that is training. This time around our goal is to literally focus on our users one by one. Being here for our users if they need us.

We want to focus on getting the product to you as soon as we possibly can. we actually set up our first round of inventory on a loan even when the kickstarter is going because our manufacturer trusts us so much, so the minute we get our funding we can pay the manufacturer and start to ship product.


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