Hand-operated Wringer Washer

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Modern wringer washer

To wash clothes by hand you need to either agitate them, or rub them. We have the tools you will need for either method.

Agitating clothes is easy and fast with our Plunger Washer Tool. It is designed to push water through the fabric on the downward stroke and then pull water up through the fabric on the upward stroke to dislodge the dirt with its patented vacuum design. The Plunger Tool provides better agitation than top load washers and the same as most front loading machines.

A washboard lets you rub the laundry over a surface designed to remove even the worst dirt and grime. Our special washboard has a textured glass surface instead of the old-fashioned corrugated metal surface. The glass surface is less abrasive to your fabric, and will never rust. A washboard can be used by rubbing bar soap onto the surface before scrubbing the dirty laundry over it, or by pre-soaking the clothes in water and detergent then rubbing the fabric over the washboard.

  • Washtub stand easily assembled for use
  • ...and quickly comes apart for storage
  • Wringer is strong and adjustable
  • Square 15 gallon steel tubs
  • Packs small for storage

Hand Cranked Wringer

This is the ONLY manual laundry wringer still made in the USA. Others, used for wringing chamois towels at car washes, are not really made for heavy clothes like jeans. Nor do they have the tiltable drip tray that lets you direct the water back to the washtub.

Our wringers are made of rustproof plated steel. They have an adjustable pressure control knob on the top of the unit. The 12" long rollers have a white rubber coating to protect buttons and zippers, and they are replaceable (if you ever manage to wear them out). Classic maple bearings never need oil. Two clamps hold the unit securely to the washtub stand.

Square Washtub

These square laundry tubs minimize water from the wringer getting onto the stand. They are heavy duty galvanized steel 15 gallon tubs. The supplier isBehrens, a Minnesota company, but their square tubs are produced in Mexico.

You will only need to put about 5 gallons in each tub. This lets you work without splashing the water out, and makes them easy to carry for dumping. You can use the more common round tubs with this stand, but you will get more water spilled from the wringer. Washtubs should be set upside-down after each use to drain any remaining water.

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