It's A Stroller, A Cart, A Wilderness Tool, And Much More

Categories: Gadgets

Okay, so it's kinda like a uni-cycle, or a bike without pedals, or maybe it's a wheelbarrow without the barrow.  

It really makes me want to try it!.  Snow, mud, hills, steps, you name it, and the large diameter wheel treads right over all of it.  

The simple balancing design makes it easy to bear a heavy load and keep on chuggin! 

It has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, and production is in the works!  They expect to get them out the door by June, and I can't wait to see them jogging down the road!

Bicycle Entrepreneur Mike Merril has surprised the world with this captivating footage of his great out-door tool / cart / stroller!:

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