Meet Luminoodle Amazing Off-Grid Lighting With Pizzaz!

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We're back with the most versatile color changing LED light ropes! Based on real feedback from our original Luminoodle backers, we went back to the drawing board and created two new versions with the most requested features. We're excited to bring the Luminoodle COLOR andLuminoodle BASECAMP to the Kickstarter and the Off Grid Living community!

 14 color selections, dimmable, waterproof, and easy-to-use lighting solutions that magnet and hang anywhere!  Available on Kickstarter!

We launched the original Luminoodle last year right here on Kickstarter. After shipping out over 20,000 Luminoodles, we asked our backers for their feedback on the product design. The results were overwhelmingly positive and our backers gave us some amazing ideas on how to improve the product! We've taken your feedback to heart and have incorporated your ideas into the Luminoodle COLOR and BASECAMP:  


 The Luminoodle COLOR is five feet of RGB (red,green,blue) LED lights wrapped in a durable, waterproof tube. It is USB powered so it can run from portable batteries or any USB port/charger (optional Lithium 3300 available below). Let your imagination go wild with all the possible ways to brighten up any occasion from camping, to your home, or even the next music festival.

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