Molekule Purifier Destroys Pollutants Rather Than Collecting Them

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After 20 years of research and development, a groundbreaking approach to clean air has arrived. Molekule breaks down harmful microscopic pollutants like allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and even airborne chemicals.

While most air purifiers use a HEPA filter to collect and store pollutants, Molekule applies a new technology called photo-electro-chemical oxidation, which features a filter coated in nano-particles.

As air passes through the purifier, light activates the filter and creates a surface reaction that destroys allergens, bacteria, viruses and mold.

Molekule claims the technology can get rid of pollutants 1,000 times smaller than comparable products. The device is said to clean a 55-square-metre room in an hour.

PostlerFerguson designed the purifier to fit into a range of interiors without being intrusive, from larger spaces like offices and hospitals to home environments


"A typical use case would be that of a busy office with a lot of bad air that would need the product to almost integrate into its infrastructure aesthetically," PostlerFerguson co-founder Martin Postler told Dezeen.

"On the other hand it should also stand quietly in the corner of an asthma-suffering baby's sleeping room without being too intrusive."

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