Molekule Purifier Destroys Pollutants Rather Than Collecting Them

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The studio used untreated metals and non-toxic plastics to ensure materials didn't counteract the purifier, and added an untreated leather handle as a "statement towards a natural feel".

"Indoor air pollution is a global problem, resulting in deteriorating respiratory and health conditions," said Molekule CEO Dilip Goswami. "The HEPA filter, today's market-leading technology, was developed in the 1940s as a part of the Manhattan Project and hasn't evolved much since."


"It has become a commodity found in most households and air purifiers, yet the [United States Environmental Protection Agency] still reports that indoor air is up to five times worse than outdoor air. It's time for a new approach."

Molekule is controlled using a companion smartphone app, which can also be used to order new filters.

via DeZeen

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