Multifunctional and Portable, On the Go Family Bicycle

Categories: Gadgets

With Taga, and children, the whys never end.

Once you know what Taga is, you'll understand why you can't live without one. Taga is a multifunctional vehicle designed for families on the go. It is a baby stroller and cargo bike all rolled into one—and a means of transportation unlike any other. In seconds, Taga goes from super fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle to designer stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators. The possibilities for adventure—and reasons to buy one—are endless.

1. It's pure quality time with your child
  • transforms any trip into an adventure with your child. Just imagine all that in-between time you spend getting from here to there becoming fun time.
  • Kids love Taga (and parents do, too.) The sights you'll share make it the ideal activity for parents and children. Kids are naturally excited by the images whizzing by and have too much fun to even think about crying.
  • Feel close to your child. Unlike a bike trailer or ordinary child bike seat, Taga places your little one right between your arms. Your child faces forward so you can share the same scenery while you trade smiles.

2. Ride with confidence and control.
  • It's amazingly stable. Taga's three wheels make it more stable than ordinary bicycles. You can turn on a dime even when you're hardly moving, and mounting and dismounting with a child is a breeze. That makes it safer to ride with kids.
  • You don't have to know how to ride a bike to enjoy Taga. That's right, you don't have to have great balance or any experience on two wheels. The 3-wheel design balances for you and lets you keep both feet on the pedals when you're stopped.
  • Safety First. We designed Taga to be safer than standard bicycles. It meets or exceeds the strictest bicycle and stroller safety standards for the US, Europe and Australia.
  • Be free of maintenance worries. Features like the internal gear hub and the fully enclosed chain guard let you focus your attention on your child, not taking care of Taga.