Painting in 3D...You Have To See This! (Video)

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Tilt Brush is amazing. It's magical. It's a bunch of stuff that sounds like hyperbole when you write about it.

We created the above video to describe why it's so special before more people are able to try it when the HTC Vive launches in April of this year.

For the video we used a combination of my own doodling, the built-in work from the showcase in the application and drawings from artists like Tipatat Chennavasin and the YouTube account of Emerald Activities to show off what's possible in the program.


Artists, put down your brushes. It's time to step into the world of virtual reality.

Google has unveiled Tilt Brush, its new app set to revolutionize the definition of painting and push the boundaries of what it can represent.
With the swipe of a digital brush users wearing a connected HTC Vive headset can paint life-sized, three dimensional strokes of just about anything -- even drawing with impossible materials such as fire, snow and stars.
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