Perfect to Read In The Rain

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Cocoon 1 will allow you to relax, store items, read your touch pad or even cooking in a plastic bubble. Designed and built by the Swiss the Micasa Lab, it offers protection from the world while contemplating.
Cocoon 1 will allow you thanks to its battery to have up to 40 hours of light and 20 hours of light and / or 30 minutes of cooking.

 You can also install a faucet with a connection and a power supply. Micasa Lab has also created a base for adding a weight that makes it float on the water and stand and obviously the basket to place in the trees with a net, very fashionable at the moment.

It is a piece of furniture in a transparent bubble. You could live in the large transparent sphere, inside there is
everything you need. Colorful decoration Cocoon a whiff of Micasa LAB company consists of a locker, drawers and
a small sink.

via CreativeSpotting

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