Personal Review Of The THOR Box High Capacity Lightweight Solar Generator

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Thor Box Test And Demonstration from David Webster on Vimeo.

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Below is a shot of Davy on my "Prepper Cart."  As you'll see in the video (above), I've got 18 built-in outlets to power various devices straight from the cart.  A golf cart makes for a fantastic battery bank, so if the power does go out, I could power a lot of goods straight from my cart.  I've got a solar panel on the way, and am looking for a good deal on a 2500w or 5000w pure sine inverter so I can power the refrigerator and other large devices should we be left without power any time.  Here in South Florida, it's Lightning Central, and the power is always getting knocked out.  

I paid $1100 for the cart, which came with six powerful 6 volt batteries which are in series, making it a 36volt cart.  It's got a 36 volt motor, and being such, the inverter you buy for a cart to get 110v power is a 36volt to 110 or 120 volt pure sine inverter.  The more watts your inverter, the more you can power.  I'm seeking out a 2500 or a 5000 watt at the moment.  

Here, I unplugged my carts 300w pure-sine inverter, and I'm plugging my 18 outlets (via two plug-ins and four power strips) into the Thor Box.  I spent about $40 on cords and power strips to modify the cart.  I used a sawzall to cut in the boxes to the side of the cart.  How do you feel about cutting into your golf cart?  I hope you cut straight!  :)

Betchya didn't know I play piano!  I founded a music school, and ran it for seven years.  Yeah, I'll bore you with the video... couldn't help it... plugged in the piano and had to play... so don't listen if you don't wanna hear this  ;)    

I'm proud of Davy.  He plays and sings with the youth band at church.  Sorry about the tuning...  it's a rough.  

I couldn't be more impressed with a device for a battery, for a charger, as a backup UPS device, as an emergency tool, as a solar generator or power source for a tiny house or small shed that could be updated in time, and still used as a portable unit, as a live band box, or as any number of portable power solutions.  It's great for outdoor lighting, events, etc!

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