Recycling Bottles Into Rope

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The absolutely astonishing amount of plastic bottles that everyone uses and throws into the garbage can every day is truly impressive. This represents an economic waste, since the plastic of bottles is a commodity that is worth money and can be reused. Also, from an ecological perspective, this poses several problems. Even when sent for recycling, the volume of plastic bottles makes it challenging to transport and accommodate them efficiently.

Enjoy the video: 

Recycle plastic bottles of all kinds, turning them into convenient universal handy ropes.

Posted by Plastic Bottle Cutter on Thursday, February 25, 2016

So we thought about it and asked ourselves: What if we could just smartly and easily cut plastic bottles and turn them into convenient ropes? That’s what made us develop the Plastic Bottle Cutter, a smart pocket-size tool with which you can very easily cut any plastic bottle – of juice, soda  or other – into a fine plastic rope that can be used for just about as many purposes as you can think of.

Whether it is for handy and DYI purposes, for creative uses and arts & crafts, for car towing (really!), or even to survive a zombie post-apocalyptical world, the plastic ropes that you can turn plastic bottles into can be extremely useful. 

Plus, even from a recycling point of view, by cutting them into ropes, you’ll be dramatically reducing the volume of plastic bottles – and space they occupy on their way to being recycled.

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