Volkswagen’s amazing baby stroller drives itself, brakes by itself

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It’s quite possible the next-generation baby stroller will be coming from a familiar name, but from an altogether different market segment—automotive. The name is Volkswagen, and the technology is the same tech used in modern golf carts, with adaptive cruise control and collision sensors. The stroller will automatically brake itself around other obstacles or when pushed. It uses proximity sensors, located on the receiver (the stroller), as well as the transceiver (you). As with most advancements typical of Volkswagen, this new “smart stroller” technology is no different. It seems to be practical, safety-minded, and potentially life-saving.


Timo Ros, the Volkswagen Facebook fan featured in the beginning of this video, is a smart man. “Am I crazy, or is a stroller that brakes a really good idea?” Yes. Yes, it is. This new prototype stroller might be the smartest piece of baby gear we’ve seen in ages. It’s reportedly build by Volkswagen with the same adaptive cruise control and collision sensors used in a Golf, so the stroller can stop itself short of an obstacle or even follow you around as you walk in front of it (which, by the way, is probably not safe anyway).

This all started when the German automaker’s Dutch office posted on Facebook, asking fans for feedback about what types of products they wanted, aside from cars. A popular response was baby strollers with automatic braking which, in our estimation, is a pretty genius idea. Aside from this video, Volkswagen hasn’t made any public comments about this new-fangled smart stroller, so nobody knows at this point whether it’s a real product in development or just a funny video made by someone with a remote control to demonstrate the idea. The concept, though, has us really intrigued. With all the technological advancements in strollering, why hasn’t anyone thought of something like this before?

Even if you wouldn’t want to take a jog through the park while your stroller – and child in tow – autonomously follows you, it’s pretty easy to imagine how practical features like this would be in real life. There would be no more running your kid’s stroller into a shopping cart around the corner aisle in a grocery store. Your stroller might even last longer, since it would theoretically get less wear and tear from bumping into other objects.

Would you buy one? And, more importantly, would you feel safe putting your child in a stroller that can drive – and stop – by itself?

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