Why pay for hotel rooms when you can sleep comfortably in your car

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We’ve all done it… Crashed in the car for a night or two. Whether you fell on hard times or passed out after some hard partying (maybe both simultaneously), you know how it feels to wake up with a sore neck, strained back, and drool all over the windows. Yeah, traditionally sleeping in a car has been plain awful, but thanks to these two inflatable mattresses, your car or truck might not be such a bad place to pass out after all.

As long as we don’t wake up with a twisted neck, wouldn’t it be great to save a couple of hundreds of dollars by skipping hotel stays and sleeping inside our cars instead? Well, this dream has come true with the Inflatable Car Mattress. Manufactured by Eumerce, this is one inflatable car mattress that can instantly transform your car into a comfortable sleeping pad. It is specially designed to make maximum use of the legroom from your backseat.

Fully expanded, it spreads to 51″ x 35″ with a thickness of three inches and is easily installed within minutes with just an air pump. You can now bade adieu to achy backs and stiff limbs for your future car sleepovers.  Click here to get one for $41.99.

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