Window Transforms Into A Cozy, Sun-Soaked Balcony

Categories: Gadgets

A Brooklyn-based architect and artist has created a window, specifically designed to allow more light and air into a living space, but without the large price tag of renovation. Stemming from her college master’s project, Aldana Ferrer Garcia was able to capture a fresh and innovative approach with her “More Sky” window. It’s designed to adapt to existing frames, and telescopes outward and downward, similar to an awning. However, built into the lower horizontal frame section, is a seat, ready for an occupant to see—well—more sky.

If you wish your small apartment had more natural light, you’ll love what designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia’s cooked up. The Brooklyn-based architect and artist created “More Sky,” an innovative window that can increase an apartment’s access to sunlight and fresh air without major renovations. The timber-and-glass window protrudes from the building wall to create a cozy nook where you can lean back and soak in the sun.

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