2015: International Year of Soils

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The year is almost done but through out the months The International year of soils was celebrated around the world.

Healthy soils are the foundation of agriculture. In the face of mounting challenges such as a growing global population, climate change, and extreme weather events, soil health is critical to our future. Healthy soil is essential as global demands rise for food, fuel, and fiber. Soils also play a crucial role in food security, hunger eradication, climate change adaptation, poverty reduction and sustainable development. As America’s agency for soil conservation, classification and studies, NRCS is excited that 2015 will bring worldwide attention to the importance of soil.

Working with the Soil Science Society of America offsite link image     (SSSA) and other partners, NRCS will be showcasing the importance of soil with monthly themes created by SSSA:

  • January: Soils Sustain Life
  • February: Soils Support Urban Life
  • March: Soils Support Agriculture
  • April: Soils Clean and Capture Water
  • May: Soils Support Buildings/Infrastructure
  • June: Soils Support Recreation
  • July: Soils Are Living
  • August: Soils Support Health
  • September: Soils Protect the Natural Environment
  • October: Soils and Products We Use
  • November: Soils and Climate
  • December: Soils, Culture and People

Soil-to-Go Podcasts

Don’t have time to sit down at a computer to listen to  other farmers, ranchers and researchers about soil health topics? No problem. Load your audio device with these “Soil Health To-Go” podcasts and listen when while you're on the tractor, in the field, or when you've just got more time.

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