7 Really Smart Reasons To Grow YOUR Own Organic Food In A Straw Bale Garden…

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I wanted to share this article because we have grown food in straw bale and were very successful doing so. We hit the jackpot when a horse ranch was selling their wet straw bales and we bought 50 for less than a dollar a piece. Delivery Included. Gotta love CL.

If you’re looking for a method of growing your own organic food, and you want to grow more, in less space, with a lot less work, and no more weeding, you just can’t go past growing in straw bales. And I know, whilst the idea might seem a little wacky to begin with (I thought my father was mad when he first introduced me to it), the benefits over a traditional garden bed are many.

Here are 7 smart reasons why you’ll definitely want to get started with your own straw bale garden. Just a warning however, once you’ve tried it, you might never want to muck about with a traditional garden bed again (but hey, why work harder when you can just grow smarter instead)…

1 -> Healthier Plants & Better Vegetables

When you grow in straw bales you immediately eliminate the need for soil. The only thing required is a straw bale, some (optional) potting mix, compost and a specific method.

And because you’ve taken soil out of the equation, it also eliminates all soil borne diseases and pests that can bring your crops to their knees when they get out of control. Just check out how healthy these tomatoes look…

…also keep in mind – the less pests & diseases that are around, means less need to use pesticides (organic or otherwise) which can also harm beneficial insects that we actually want to attract to our gardens. It also means that our plants are just much healthier overall, we really don’t need or want that kind of stuff on the food we eat.

2 -> No Soil Means No More Hard Work

Not having to deal with soil means there’s no digging, no tilling, hoeing, or raking. We don’t need to break our backs doing any of that stuff, or use expensive machines to do it either.

Nor do we have to worry about crop rotation cycles or conditioning and improving our soils. You can simply plant right into the bales themselves (which you can put literally anywhere)…

3 -> No More Weeds

Growing in straw bales pretty much eliminates the need for weeding.

Weeds just don’t take well to the straw throughout the growing season, and any initial weeds that might sprout early on, can easily be pinched out of the bales roots and all. From then on in you’re not likely to spend more than a few minutes per bale for the ENTIRE growing season.

Check it out, healthy vegetables and no weeds…

…I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to meet a gardener that actually enjoys weeding. Why would you want to do that when you could spend that time sitting by your straw bales having a cold beer instead ;-0

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