29 Photos That Will Make You Want To Recycle Everything!

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These pictures make me feel so sad and upset, how is it that as a species we have created this kind of filth and destruction? From oil spills to overflowing landfills, man’s unsustainable quest to "live a better life" with little regard for the world they live in has caused a staggering amount of environmental disasters to be formed. At present, pollution is labeled to be the #1 killer, affecting more than 100 million worldwide.

And that’s not all… Like we need more, but unfortunately over a million seabirds and 100 million mammals are also being killed by pollution every year.

Needless to say change is needed – but what can inspire people to live a more sustainable life and limit their carbon footprint than startling statistics? Possibly these photos shown below, which in their heartbreaking real-ness, expose the truth of what is happening across the globe, it is a wake up call and we all need to take responsibility for it and try to change our purchasing habits and recycle more, much much more.

The following are over 20 shocking photos that capture man-made disasters and their effect on the environment. If these photos don’t inspire you to collect trash when you see it, we don't know what will. It’s time to wake up.

1. A Tortoise Trapped In Plastic  

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