Clay Built Eco-Fridges: A Solution For Rural Areas

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The refrigerator called “Ecoplanet” was created by the Mexican company called Depresa; it has a round shape making it practial and economical to build, and it resembles a traditional water container, as explained by Óscar Chávez Macías, co-founder of the company.

The cooler maintains an average temperature of 8 degrees celsius, according to tests done in the north of the state of San Luis Potosí. 

The way it works is common physics, two containers make the unit, in one of them a moist mix of sand, gravel and dirt . After which it's placed under the tree in the shade, to allow ultraviolet rays to be in indirect contact with it.

The purpose is to allow the moisture to evaporate, extracting the heat from the foods and drinks inside the container.

– “It steals the heat from food inside the cooler, turning it into steam, this phenomenon is possible thanks to the energy required" Said Chávez Macías.

The idea for the creation of this unit by EcoPlanet is to bring it to homes without electricity in rural areas in the sierras. 

It only works with only 3 liters of water, needing to be under the shade, in a ventilated area, and two hours are required for it to start cooling the produce or water contained in it.

It takes three weeks to build, and the cost is of US$55, but in order to be viable they need to mass produce it.

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