Clean Our Shores: Automated Rubbish Bin that Catches Floating Rubbish, Oil, Fuel and Detergents

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“Groups involved with the Brazil Olympics have been in contact with us, Government officials of countries all over the world, petroleum companies in northern Europe, oil spill recovery companies based in North America, high schools who want their students to get involved in the Seabin project and are fundraising to help our fundraising,” notes Ceglinski.


The island of Mallorca has also shown interest and will trial Seabin in 2016.


Simple operation

The Seabin unit might be seen as deceptively simple technology. However, it punches above its weight in automatically cleaning the rubbish and waste that habitually accumulates in marina waters.

The unit is fastened to a floating pontoon and the collected water is pumped into a shore-based water pump on the dock. The water then flows through the pump where an oil/water separator cleans the water prior to flow back into the ocean. Seabin can operate 24/7 year-round. Inside the Seabin is a natural fibre “catch bag” that collects all floating debris. When this is full or near to full, the marina worker simply changes the catch bag with another one.

The Seabin project is currently running a crowfunding campaign at Indiegogo, with a target of €230,000. The goal is to make every unit of Seabin out of recycled plastic.

The size of the Seabin and catch bag have been designed for safe working load for one person.

Marinas and yacht clubs interested in the product can find more information on the Seabin project.

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