Cool Farming: Growing Plants in Africa Without Soil (Video)

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Animal Minerals and Allied Ltd - one of the social enterprises in the 2014 GrowthAfrica agribusiness accelerator helping farmers grow fodder and vegetables using Hydroponics. This unique system uses an intensive method of growing hydroponics sprouting barley from seed to feed within 7 using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. And with GrowthAfrica's support this company will take this tech across the continent and make it affordable to reach more farmers.

Hydroponics fodder is highly nutritious, highly palatable, high – quality green feed. Barley/oats green feed is:-
·Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and growth factors.
·80% to 85% digestive (unlike the mere 30% digestibility of un-sprouted barley/oats) (Abdullah, 2001).
·High in good quality protein (21% vs. the 15% present in grains) (Hiller & Perry, 1969).
·Energy dense (12mj digestible energy) (Hiller and Perry, 1969) and
·High in moisture (prevents occurrence of colic).

In this video you will get a full idea about the project. 

In today’s climate conscious world, conserving resources like land, water, and energy are important aspects to any business. In developing Africa, these considerations are especially important.

Peter Chege set out to develop a climate-smart way to grow animal feed. With the help of the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC), his hydroponics company is growing, creating local green jobs, and enabling farmers to thrive on small plots of land.

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