David Pagan Butler is Shedding Light on Natural Pools (Video)

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David Pagan Butler talks about how he created his own eco-friendly pool in his back garden.

David, 54, a filmmaker from Saxthorpe, Norfolk, built a pool that serves as a fresh water habitat and works with plants and animals to provide hygienic water for swimming.

A circulation system driven by a standard aquarium air pump moves the water through plant beds, sand and gravel, down to drainage pipes - and the water is filtered by the micro-organisms living there.

"There are many ways of creating a Natural Swimming Pool, but I want to show you a way that is simple to construct and works perfectly. From there, you can adapt it to fit in with your own ideas. This is a practical guide to get more of us started on building these pools."

"To date, there is no other publication that provides this information. Indeed there are many people who would have you believe this is too complicated for the non professional. That is nonsense. I want to show that this project is hard work but deeply rewarding and completely achievable, and along the way we’ll bubble a few more myths out of the water."

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