What You Don't Know About GMO... could kill you

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(This is all just what I've heard, so if I make false statements, just know this is what's coming down the grapevine, and what many people believe.  If you know more than me on this topic, please comment in Facebook and help set me straight)

You may have heard stories about Marches Against Monsanto in the news.  There are several things happening here.  Monsanto is the manufacturer of Roundup which is known to kill pretty much anything that is green.


They discovered a new way to get into the seed market however when Monsanto began genetically modifying seeds.  It would be one thing to modify them to grow bigger and juicier and better.  The problem part of the equation is that the primary modification they make is that they make produce that is resistant to roundup That means if you spray roundup on it, it survives.  That means you can keep spraying roundup on Monsanto produce, and it will live, and the weeds around it will die.    

Monsanto is one of the biggest companies in the world now, producing seeds for farmers around the globe.  Many countries have banned their product, but it is said that Monsanto is in bed with and virtually have contol over the FDA.  That means Americans who are perceived to be protected by the FDA might actually be harmed by almost everything we buy in grocery stores.    So now when I go shopping with my wife who is a bit of a Nutritionist, and knowing what I know - that almost everything on the shelf in traditional grocery stores has corn syrup in it, means that concentrated GMO corn in it.  I being empathetic, feel my wife's struggle to shop because she sees roundup in everything with corn syrup.

cornfieldSo the world of health and nutrition now feels betrayed by the FDA and by Monsonto, neither of which has done anything to clarify studies or facts to whether there is, or how much poisonus roundup is in ther produce, and what effects on us the changes in the DNA will have.  

In the meantime, Hawai, Maine, and other states are moving to either ban Monsanto seeds, or require labeling of all foods that contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) ingredients.  So if genetically modifying foods to feed the world is important, then someone needs to field a PR campaign to clarify what is myth from what is fact.

FCFbarn2009Monsanto took on a campaign to sue and put out of business many small farmers where their seeds blew in to the fields - or so the stories say.   I'm sorry, but I say you cannot control seeds like a patent that way no matter what the U.S. patent office thinks.  Intellectual property or not, seeds are blowin in the wind.  

Food grows and reproduces, and the big boys will just have to accept those kinds of losses.  The public backlash toward Monsanto is exponential, and the company still admits they have done a poor job communicating with social media.  Thus they have been labelled "The Most Evil Company In The World."  We all just want to know if they have anything to say for themselves, and they are not getting any word out.   That says to me that they choose to answer to noone.    

A restaurant who runs out of paper towels in the kitchen can be fined $25,000 by the health department, and send the owner to jail, yet Monsanto has not answered for it's potential crimes.    We in the U.S. have a thriving Health and Nutrition industry because there is more cancer, tumors, diabetes, and autism than ever before.  You could say its because we live a long time, but there's more to it than that.  Is it vaccinations?  Is it too much sugar or Nutrisweet?  Do we tan too much?  Is it cell phones?  Is it our produce for which Monsanto is to blame?  We tend to demonize whatever it "could" be, and as much as we hate to do that and be wrong, we hate even more that such inflictions should be upon our household.  

I'm not a nutritionist, and I don't really even eat vegetables, so if Monsanto is a monster, I personally don't have much reason to think about it every time I eat.  But we who have all believed that veggies make you healthy, and now they might kill you, that is a horrible stress under which to live.    

4052627240 510da42c02 oraisinSo here is my stand!  I beseech the FDA and Monsanto to contact me or contact the media with your PR departments so we the people might set the record straight. Let's put some facts on the books to the Health and Nutrition world.  I don't have a vested interest in Vitamins or nutritional supplements, so I'm not going to bash anybody that doesn't deserve it. Let's just find out what the facts are, and be sure we are testing things before they go to the grocery shelves.   Let's not prematurely allow GMO grapes to hit the shelves just because they look pretty.  Let's make sure they are healthy as they were before these alterations. Then let's be sure to label them so we know where they came from.  

David Webster




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