How To Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden Very Easily

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If you haven't been introduced to Aquaponics, the idea is simple.  You want to create a sembiotic relationship between fish (namely talapia are used) and plants.  The fish poop, creating fertilizer for the plants.  The plants act as a filtration system, cleaing the poop out of the water.  It's simple and fabulous!  You can start small, and add more and more as you desire.  


In this version, it's soooo cheap to do.  If you have the ability to play a video, skip to the end and watch the great video.  Otherwise I'll explain here.  Just buy a couple buckets and line them so they don't leak.  Get some pvc.  

holes drilled.jpg

Buy a hole saw and drill them out in succession.  



Connect the pvc with elbows.  Make sure the holes face upwards, and you have a continuous slope downhill.  

cups and holes.jpg

Cups make great planters, because they will sit right down in the hole snugly.  Drill holes in the bottom so the plants roots can grow through into the water.  

cups and plants.jpg

Plant to your hearts content!


Now watch this:  

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