One Little Idea Is Changing A Few Farms, And With A Little Water Will Grow To Change The World

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It is simple innovations that will change the world.  This one man and his little innovation is doing just that in one little part of the world.... and his little idea is getting watered, and preparing to grow. 

You hear governments gripe about the super rich and need for more taxation, but if a man with an idea walks up to the White House and says, can you get my product to the world to help it heal?  Governments are not set up to get good ideas to the masses.  Someone who can make a quick decision based on a good idea, and can finance it and has the know-how to get it produced, and the supply chain to get it to market is set up for that.  When those who have money are trying to make more, they look for people with ideas and innovations that are needed in society, then help them rise to the top.  When we as consumers purchase products that are bettering the world, we are making the decisions that encourage capitalism to invest in those good decisions.  When we who consume buy solar, investors seek solar innovations that will be the next big breakthrough, so inventors feverishly are looking for that next great product.  Every decision you make to buy grass-fed beef with no hormones is taking away jobs in the grain fed hormone sector, and encouraging better care of the cattle before they go to market.  

If we as a society understand the way the market works, and we make spending decisions together with this empowerment.... the knowledge of what drives things to the marketplace, we then control what the marketplace produces.  

A great example of this is the success of whole foods.  And when Grass Fed beef costs $10 per pound, yet the consumers still demanded it, production increased.  Now we see Grass fed beef with no hormones at Aldi's for $5.99 per pound.  So a good thing is being done in mass, and the cost is going down for that good thing.

Keep up the good work shoppers!  Keep pressing in an educated direction.  Keep reading and digging for truth's about what is really helping so that our decisions in our spending are making a difference.  Plan for yourself a retirement future living in a self-powered home.  If it's what you want, you will see investors build new homes and developments to be self powered.  And so we are helping ourselves and our children and generations to come by our good decisions today.  We are also helping our Planet to be a better place to sustain life!

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