Missi Gets An Idea, And So Her Family Sets Out To Build A Calitucky Chicken Tunnel!

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Missi, with the help of Pinterest, came up with an idea that would prove to be cool, functionable, awesome, multi-purposing, weird, and Calitucky.  We made a chicken run/tunnel.  It is really something that is hard to describe in words, but we took lots of pictures.  In brief, we built an above ground tunnel that goes from KoopArena, across the yard, through the corral, and in and around the garden.

"She’s so stinkin’ cute!"

"This is why it is cool.  The chickens can basically free range.  We just expanded their yard by about 400 square feet.

This is why it is functionable.  Because the chickens will eat all the weeds, bugs, snails and other critters that want to make their way into the garden.

This is why it is awesome.  This will make the chickens happy.  And happy chickens lay lots of eggs.  Lots of eggs are awesome.

This is why it is multi-purposing.  Besides all that is mentioned above, all the chicken poop is too “hot” to put directly on the crops.  But it will leach into the ground, and make the soil hella fertile.

This is why it is weird.  Umm, I just built a freaking Jungle Gym for the chickens.  The Chickens.

This is why it is Calitucky. Who in the hell else do you know that put this much thought, effort, blood, sweat, tears, money, creativity and love into something for a few animals?  Totally Calitucky.

O.K.  Enjoy these pictures of the process(There’s a ton of them!).  In the meantime I will ice my back, mend my metal cuts, pull my splinters, and say hello to Mr. Evan Williams.

Peace  ~Steve"

Source:  Calitucky Farm

"She was ready for a break!"

Lots of materials….83-2 x 2’s (some of those cut into 21″ pieces), chicken wire(approximately 200′), 3000 staples & 3 lbs. screws.

Making 17 triangles….

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