The Path To Abundance; From A Consumptive Suburban Home To A Productive Ecosystem

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Our path to ABUNDANCE started with a desire for safe food, free of chemicals, this first step led us to a whole new world of understanding. This is what we want to share with the world. An ordinary suburban home transformed into an urban food forest, healing us, feeding us, and opening us. Today our family has grown, as well as our friends circle. A stressful life has been transformed into a life of peace and love. That's the power of nature.

Starting a garden doesn't have to be hard, back breaking work. In this video, we share how we started on our Path to Abundance and the journey of developing The Growing Home, our demonstration suburban home in Diamond Bar, CA (Los Angeles).

This is what the house looked like in the beginning

And in the first two days, out came the lawn, and in went a new beginning of producing greenry.

The changes don't come over night, or even in a year, but they take time

And are worth the time it takes


The number one ingredient for this type of change is patience, but people have been doing this for thousands of years, and it's not rocket science.  

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