How Do You Feel About A Robotic Gardener: Here Comes The Food!

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One part of the off-grid lifestyle that people love so much is the fact that when you get out there and interact with animals... chickens, cows, goats, and your garden, you feel connected, and you're walking and getting exercise throughout the day.  The vision of the future 40 years ago was a world where you get to set home and watch tv or travel in retirement.  Guess what most retirees do?  I didn't say all of you... just some.... 

So it's with reservations that showcase a technology that will grow your veggie garden for you, because we all need to get outside and see what this growing business is all about.  You'll never feel so proud as when your babies go edible, and you start filling up buckets and bringing them inside. 

Okay go... so watch this..

What I'm wondering is... will it pluck weeds so we don't need roundup?  

So the idea you can farm from anywhere is quite intriguing!  What do you think? 

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