This Is My Cousin Steve Having Fun. He's A Builder, And You Should See His Garden!

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Steve.jpgThis is my cousin Steve.  Steve is a builder by trade, having built many many homes.  Here he is having a little free time...

steve fishing.jpg

His garden flipped across my Facebook, and first thing I thought was.... yup... a builder in the garden can be a great thing!  Here are some of the preparations he made pre-grow season

before garden 2.jpg

I was particularly impressed with how nice a bit of metal roofing materal looks as the sides of raised beds!

before garden.jpg

Then a little soil later and some tlc, the garden began to come to life...

Garden A Growing 2.jpg

And with some beautiful green, those empty boxes begain to beautify the yard

Garden A Growing 3.jpg

And as things grew... and grew... and grew... he began throwing seeds in everything he could get his hands on... filling up all that space with more green.  What a great looking garden it has all become Steve!  Bring some of those veggies on to Oklahoma!

Garden A Growing.jpg

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