This $25 Potting Tree DIY Is So Simple, Yet So Awesome!


Whether your adventure takes you into the beautification of your yard, or for maximizing space in your garden, this gardening idea is simply fantastic.  After realizing that some of the trees in the yard had grown too large, and roots were damaging the foundation of the home, our friends Leonna and Chris had to make the hard decision to have some of them removed.  Where they had been taken out, something was left missing, and the eyes wanted to see the beauty, and there was a mourn for the loss.  A friend gave them this terrific idea that would help them beautify the space, putting something new and beautiful in the front of the yard.  

1.  First they went shopping to find a series of same sized flower pots, a metal piece of rebar (as the stick was too flimsy), and some finishing paint to color the clay pots.  


2.  Spray some of them with a dark color.

3.  And others with a light color

Be sure to flip them over and paint the other side.  Notice the round hole in the center of the pots.

4.  Be sure to pick up some plants or flowers of your choice.

5.  And decide which ones will go in the pots.

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