This $25 Potting Tree DIY Is So Simple, Yet So Awesome!


6.  Put the rebar in the ground, and begin to slide the pots over it at alternate angles.  Be sure the length of the rebar is enough that you can drive it into the ground, and it will protrude up into the tallest pot.

7.  "Planting our garden we mix top soil and cow manure together. I know it sounds gross but inexpensive and great for any type of garden." ~Leonna

With some bricks around the perimeter, some added soil and the pot stack as a centerpiece, our garden became a thing of beauty, and amazement to the neighborhood.  Everybody wants to make one of their own now!  

And as the winter browned bermuda grass begins to green, this beautiful garden is a terrific centerpiece for the lawn!

Next, Leonna want's to make some more of these with strawberries!

Final Cost Breakdown:

We used Clay Terra Cotta Pots we purchased from Wal-Mart : 1 was 9 inches ($2.96) , the other 5 were 6 inches ($1.82 each) total before taxes = $12.06
We used Top soil 10 pound bag for $1.29 and Cow Manure it was sold in a 40 pound bag for $1.49. Total = $2.78
*You can use top soil or any brand. I recommend getting a 10 pound bag it will probably be plenty.
We used 2 colors of spray paint, Gum Drop & Rich Plum ($3.86 ea) =$7.72 by Krylon, Cover Maxx ultimate coverage; which is used for many things like covering clay pots.

Starting from the top pot going down
*Red Begonia
*Ivy called Vinca Vine 5 inch (Atwoods $3.99) & I sprinkled in seeds of Baby’s Breath ($0.10 @ Sutherlands)
*Electric Orange SunPatiens Compact 4 inch (Atwoods $3.99)
*Yellow Purslane 4 inch (Atwoods $3.99)
*Yellow Begonia 4 inch (Atwoods $3.99)
* Purslane Scarlet 4 inch (Atwoods $3.99) & a Pink Begonia (Wal-Mart $1.82)
Plant total before taxes = $25.86
In the picture it shows a 6 foot re-bar, but it was to flimsy, so we used one from our garden that is 4 foot. Re-bar stakes cost around $3 to $4. Also I in picture it shows 7 pots but since we went an inch shorter we weren't able to use the 7th one. Also I choose the Vinca Vine and the Purslane Scarlet & Yellow that away when they grow the will spread down the pot and into the garden. I think it will be beautiful when they bloom and fill in!
Total cost of Potting Plant Tower before tax was $48.42, and that's soil, flowers, and all! 

by Leonna Farr 4/12/15

Hard Work by Chris Farr

Captions and story by David Webster


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