You-Pick-It Farms Are All Over The Place! Do You Have A Favorite Spot?

You Want It!  You Pick It!  
Saturday, April 17, was the first day that the Fieldstone Farm in Overbrook, Kansas was opened for picking fresh asparagus.

The bright green stalks are just starting to rise to that perfect height-- not a lot of them last weekend, but patrons have just started picking them as  Ken Krause officially opened his orchard for the growing season. A pound of "u-pick" asparagus sells for about $1.95 says Krause's daughter, Deb McLaren.
There's a lot of stuff to see," says McLaren, "and a lot of fresh asparagus."

The asparagus was expected to be ready for harvest by April 24. 
"My friend Spencer in Kansas City headed out and posted these photos today from Pendleton Farms with the caption:  "My Lord, and my God!" There's lots of asparagus out here!!!
Now get to the internet and look up "You Pick It" type farms in your neck of the woods!  Then post it and let everybody know what you find in the comments!
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