This swan is a real gardener! (Video)

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Do you like to garden? I love having beautiful flowers in my beds and adorning the driveway. I don't however particularly enjoy the actual gardening part. I would rather it just look pretty all the time, without me needing to put any effort into it. I know many people enjoy it though and my father in laws whole yard is just one big beautiful garden! 

I think the worst part of gardening is pulling out the weeds. No one likes to have weeds in their flower beds. For one thing, they are not very attractive to look at it and for another, they stifle out the beauty of your actual flowers that you worked so hard to grow. 

Of course, if you are wealthy and want a beautiful garden without all the work, you would just hire a gardener. But, what if you can't hire a gardener, but still want a beautiful garden without the weeding? Well, this may not be for everyone, but according to some, a swan may be just what you need! 
A swan? Yes, you read that right! Not just any swan, however, it seems that the best gardening fowl are black swans. Black swans are found throughout most of Australia. They are the state bird of Western Australia and the emblem found on the state flag. Though they are native to Australia, they were brought to the U.K. as an ornamental bird. 

It seems having a swan in the garden is a great idea! Swans are vegetarians and eat mainly water plants and algae, so your pond will be kept clean. The real gardening action comes in when they are nesting I believe. They use weeds and grasses to build their nests either on the ground or floating on the water. So, I'm not sure your garden would stay weed free all the time. 

If you are lucky and have a pair of swans, you may get some cygnets as well! Cygnets, of course, is the term for baby swans! How fun would that be to have a whole little family of swans living in your garden? 

In the first video below, the black swan is quite adamant about pulling those weeds and even helps feed the fish! This is not a trained swan, but what they do naturally. They have to wet their food pellets to eat when domesticated and it just happens to fall into the pond and feed the fish too. This would be the type of swan you would want. :)

Unfortunately, you may not want to welcome the black swans in the second video into your garden. From what I could tell, they do not like the just planted flowers in the garden. Uh-Oh! 

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