Transforming a Brooklyn Apartment into a Greenhouse with over 200 Plants!

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Some people collect stamps, other people collect cats. Summer Rayne Oakes collects plants – in a big way! The Brooklyn-based model/activist/botanist has transformed her apartment into averitable greenhouse filled with over 200 living specimens (it sort of resembles the page in Where the Wild Things Are where Max’s room turns into a forest). Check out our gallery for a glimpse inside Summer’s abode, and find out how she got started creating her cool, new vertical garden. 

When she's not busy enacting change in the garment industry or making the latest sustainable fashions look amazing, model Summer Rayne Oakes likes to get back to her roots - literally. The Brooklyn resident and self-proclaimed plantlover recently told us that she transformed her apartment into a verdant oasis filled with over 200 plants. Click through our photo gallery to take a tour of this veritable urban greenhouse, and check out this inspiring video showing how Mingo Design helped Summer create a flourishing vertical garden wall right in her living room.

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