WaterSeer: The Power Of Harnessing Water Out Of Thin Air

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WaterSeer™ condenses pure water from the air without power or chemicals. It is green, sustainable, simple, low-maintenance, easily deployed and scalable for any community. VICI-Labs worked with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association to develop a device that yields up to 37 liters of pure water a day!  A WaterSeer™ Orchard will provide enough clean water for an entire community.

Every 90 seconds a child dies due to lack of clean water. Over 2.2 billion people don't have access to safe water. WaterSeer™ will help alleviate this chronic and tragic burden by providing access to clean drinking water right where they live, by extracting water from the air. For every WaterSeer™ purchased, one will be sent to a family in a developing country, freeing time to build thriving communities, start businesses and improve lives, especially for women and girls.

A new device that relies on simple condensation to collect clean water from the atmosphere promises to provide up to 11 gallons of safe drinking water without an external power source, greenhouse gas emissions, or adverse environmental impacts. What’s more, the innovative WaterSeer collection device could potentially run forever, gifting generations of people with access to ‘liquid gold’ in areas of the world where a harsh climate or lack of infrastructure make access to clean drinking water a major problem. Water Seer is powered by a simple wind turbine, and the device could easily be the first step toward a sustainable, enduring solution to water shortages around the world.

The Water Seer device is planted six or more feet into the ground, and soil is then packed around its metal neck. The top of the Water Seer holds a vertical wind turbine, which spins internal fan blades to draw air into the subterranean chamber. Because the underground chamber portion of the Water Seer is cooled by the surrounding earth, water condenses in the reservoir to creates sort of an artificial well, from which people can draw clean, safe drinking water around the clock.

The low-cost device was developed by VICI-Labs, in partnership with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, as a possible solution for the 2.3 million people on the planet who lack regular access to safe drinking water. A single Water Seer device can collect up to 11 gallons of clean water every day with no external power supply required, and a collection of several devices can provide enough water to support a small village. The not-for-profit company will match US purchases of each unit by donating a Water Seer collection device to those in need living in developing countries or in arid climates.

Water Seer launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $77,000 to build “orchards” of water collection devices around the world. The device has already been tested as a prototype, and the latest model was finalized in August 2016 and will undergo field tests with the National Peace Corps Association once the crowdfunding campaign closes.

WaterSeer™ will create water self-sufficiency, and will be a transformative force for good throughout the world.

It is hard to imagine a day without an abundance of clean, safe water. We drink our fill, shower and bathe daily, water our lawns, wash our clothes and dishes knowing that clean, safe water is an unquestioned condition of our lives. 

Yet, throughout the world today, one in three people do not have the daily minimum, 7.1 cups of water needed to survive. Women and children spend up to 6 hours daily collecting and carrying polluted and diseased water for themselves and their families for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Worldwide, a child dies every 90 seconds for lack of clean drinking water, nearly 1000 a day. Daily nearly 10,000 people die from dehydration and waterborne disease. 

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