Why be hungry? Did you know there's a salad waiting in your front lawn? Part 1

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Edible Weeds from David Webster on Vimeo.

Sienna Webster takes us through the back yard lawn at our home, and she and Mom (Amy) guide us to several weeds that are edible as a salad or to be dried and turned into tea.  There is even some good nutritious content to these edibles. 

Sienna is our daughter who eats just about everything and doesn't turn much away.  If it's edible, she loves it.  She's been our little helper in the kitchen since the age of 3 years old, and will be a big help to cook any meal.  She knows how to spice it all just the way she likes it, and this young herbologist will be the next generation of Off Grid Expertise.  She's a computer whiz too, so it won't be long before she's taking my place around here  ;)

Dandelion Leaves

Spring Beauties

So what are you waiting for?  Go find some in your back yard, and let me know what you've found!

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