You Can Plant Veggies Into July!

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Despite what many people think, the months of June and July are definitely not too late to start planting vegetables. Especially if you got off on a late start because of all the rain we had, or if you had to start again, because your first garden was washed out. July is also a good month to put in a second (or third) sowing of certain crops, such as carrots, radishes, kale, and lettuce. It is also the perfect time to start planning the fall vegetable garden. For Your Spring and Fall Garden, THE SEED GUY has a 60 Variety Non GMO Heirloom Seed Package Special that has 25,000 Seeds, Small Farm Grown, and is a great buy at $59.95. You can see Seed varieties included in this Heirloom Seed package and order on Amazon Here


Below are lists, by U.S. region, of which vegetables and herbs you can plant in July. Unless specifically listed as "transplants" the items in this list can be direct-sown in your garden.

CENTRAL U.S./MIDWEST Basil Beans Beets Broccoli (Transplants) Brussels sprouts (Transplants) Cabbage (Transplants) Carrots Cauliflower (Transplants) Cilantro Cucumbers Kale Parsley Radishes Summer Squash Swiss Chard Turnips Winter Squash

NEW ENGLAND + MID-ATLANTIC Arugula Basil (Transplants) Beans Beets Brussels sprouts (Transplants) Cabbage (Transplants) Carrots Cilantro Cucumber Kale Leeks (Transplants) Lettuce Parsley Radishes Swiss Chard

NORTH CENTRAL U.S./ROCKY MOUNTAINS Arugula Beets Broccoli (Transplants) Cabbage (Transplants) Carrots Cilantro Dill Kale Lettuce Parsley Radishes Spinach Turnips PACIFIC

NORTHWEST Arugula Beans Beets Broccoli Brussels Sprouts (Transplants) Cabbage (Transplants) Carrots Cauliflower (Transplants) Cilantro Dill Kale Lettuce Parsley Peas Radishes Swiss Chard Turnips

SOUTHEAST/GULF COAST Basil Beans Beets Carrots Cilantro Collard greens Cucumber Dill Eggplant (Transplants) Peppers (Transplants) Pumpkins Tomato (Transplants) Winter Squash

SOUTHWEST Basil Beans Cilantro Corn Cucumbers Dill Peppers (Transplants) Summer Squash Tomato (Transplants) Winter Squash

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