10 Bed Ideas That Are So Cool Your Kids Will Want One If You Dare Let Them Peek

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I'm in business for myself, and I often think about the economics of my actions.  What I mean is that knowing that this bed below sells in stores for $3000 makes my time feel wonderfully valuable to build my kids a bed rather than to go out and buy one.  Chances are that with some reclaiming, or getting some lumber at Home Depos' Clearance and seconds section, you could build this between $150 and $300.

Anyhow, Dad's... if you want to save $2700 on something really really cool.... go build your kids one of these and see what kind of Daddy love you get!

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I like to think about those who have chickens and eat fresh eggs every day.  So if my family buys a dozen range free organic eggs every other day for $4.95 a dozen x 182 times per year, that's $900 per year in eggs that I would save by having chickens.  Then you have to figure in your time feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs, but if you have children for that, it's part of their chores and life experiences.  The factor that if the big quake hits and stores can't get supplies means you'll have eggs anyway.  Well, that's priceless insurance against catastrophe. 

As you go out and buy some land, then start building something awesome, you find that every hour you spend, every thing you do has economic value to someone else.  It's not all just a waste.  I have seen people who hired Andrew Morrison to help them build their Strawbale Home, who spent money on him, and he brought a workshop of trainees to help build.  They spent about $80,000 and tons of hard labor putting everything together.  But when they went to sell later because someone in the family passed away, they got $200,000 for the home, and were able to relocate to the home of their choice.  

If you do things neat, and right, you will be building a value into every thing you do, and it will have value to someone else should those tough decisions be necessary.  

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