Six Different Ways Of Building A Canoe By Hand

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If you have ever found yourself scrambling through the internet for a good deal on a canoe, you will find that they are not cheap.  In fact, you can find a nice big hull boat without a running engine for about the same price or less than a nice canoe.  You can make your way through Youtube, looking at all sorts of styles, but this is one of my personal favorites because of the beautiful wood grain tones and the small amount of material required to get the job done.  With a bit of elbow grease, one might expect to build one like this for a couple hundred bucks:

1.  Cedar Strip Canoe (time lapse)

You may find yourself in the woods one day, and hope to build a canoe the way the Indians did with raw materials.  Here is a nice example of that type of construction:  

2.  A birch-bark Canoe:

And this video offers a bit more direction for the Birch-bark canoe:

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