Egg Gathering Apron Ideas and How To Make Your Own

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If you're new to chickens, and new to collecting eggs, you'll find that the task tends to grow.... three eggs, then six, then 9 and so on.   Year after year, the task escalates, and your capacity to feed the family grows.  Most find themselves giving away or selling eggs around year three or four, and on it grows!  The gateway to farming has begun!  

Eventually you'll go looking for a simple and easy way to tote those eggs back to the kitchen.  These are some beautiful apron designs to handle the task...

Here's a nice how-to video to make one of your own....

If making it yourself seems hard to do, contact a custom seamstress, or crochet wizard such as Grammy's Hats to make you one!  Or there are basic ones available online as well.

Happy collecting!

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