Boat Building & Life In Washington State

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Since finishing my hike I decided to stay in Northern Washington State for a while. It seemed a little more fitting for me than New York City!

I've been busy renovating bathrooms and kitchens and have started preparing for my next trip. I plan on heading out to Bismarck, North Dakota in early April and rowing the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers as well as the gulf coast, Lake Okeechobee & the Atlantic Coast up to Sandy Hook, NJ. From there I will take a day, get some support and attempt to swim the final 10 miles to Annadale Beach, NY where I grew up. The whole trip will be around 5000 miles and I hope to complete it in 4-5 months. *Disclaimer: I've never rowed in my life and my swimming ability is rather limited (: *

I decided to build my boat and started on the process in the beginning of November. I went with a design by Colin Angus of Angus Rowboats. (Colin and his wife rowed 7000km from Scotland to Syria with their custom designed rowboats and sell plans/ kits for others to build).

The boat is an 18' long, 3' wide, oakume & fiberglass decked rowing scull with some custom touches by me. So far I have about 200 hours in it. I plan on putting in LED lights, an amplifier with waterproof speakers, solar panels, hatch hinges & locks. For this trip, I'll be traveling in style (:

Below are some photos! Enjoy

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 So it starts. Panels were scarf joined and the hull was wired in place with copper ties. Then, epoxy was injected into the gaps and sanded smooth.

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 Final finishing sanding before applying the fiberglass.

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Epoxy bringing out the color of the wood. Went out to cut some firewood to heat up the garage in order for my epoxy to dry properly.

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Designing and routing out space for the deck inlays. Combining African Wenge, Paduke & maple for a cool design

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The finished inlay. After Installation & a first coat of epoxy to seal the wood.

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Stern inlay planning. Deck oakum joints prettied up

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Finished Stern and joint inlays
I'm hoping to have the boat finished in another month. Once I get a pair of oars I'll be able to throw it in the Okanogan river for a test run!

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