Converting An Old Golf Cart Into A Fabulous Saw Mill!

Categories: Handmade

There is nothing quite as satisfying as building something for a few hundred dollars that would cost you $5,000 or more to buy.  It makes it worth while to the max!  This is one of those great ideas!   Turning an old cruddy golf cart into a saw mill!  Now that's old fashioned ingenuity! Stay tuned for the fabulous Video on page 3!

All things must start with a beginning.  This story begins with finding a deal on an old gas golf cart with a good motor.  Condition of the cart... doesn't have to be perfect!

The genius that came up with this plan realized that there are lots of great bearings and moving parts on the cart that could provide a solution for this awesome contraption.  Necessity is the father of invention!  

You'll need a few handy tools and skills.  You should be ready with a welder, and able to cut metal.  

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