Log Staircases Make Me Stumble For Words To Describe The Beauty

Categories: Handmade

In a world where so much of what we see in furniture is pressed board and glue-heavy furnishings, there is something fabulous about natural wood construction.  Yes we must be wise about the management of our timber, but it is a renewable resource that we can use to build our wilderness homes.  

Knowing that the lumber was milled privately for use in your home is personal.  It's even better when you do the milling youself, but not everyone has those skills or the time to learn them. 

With design ideas as broad as the people that make them, there are many ways, many designs, and many bright ideas to try when implementing the work.  Sometimes a designer has an idea and runs with it.  Other times, they find the timber, and it speaks to them.  

Some ideas are more rustic than others, but the degree rustic is often the true appeal of this style.  

Watch this video of how one man built his staircase:

There is an additional video on page two as well as more staircases to behold:

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